Too busy with work to plan romance? Let a professional help!

Luxury Romance Concierge is an innovative service that is helping couples get their sexy back!

Sometimes couples get stuck in a romantic rut that causes their love life to suffer. Luxury Romance Concierge™ was created for just this reason, to alleviate the stress in planning the ultimate intimate evening for your spouse or partner. Owner, Thérèz Fleetwood sells an experience that creates nights of excitement and mystery for couples. Her goal as a romance concierge is to reignite that spark in relationships and to get couples talking about their fantasies and desires. The company helps couples plan the ultimate romantic date night, all in the guise of fun and play where they can be sensual, take on different personas, laugh together, try new things, and have fun!

As a romance concierge, Thérèz specializes in making sure that couples have the date night of their dreams without lifting a finger or dealing with the stress of planning such an intimate evening. Just one phone call is all it takes to get away from the daily grind and reconnect as lovers in an intimate and meaningful way.

Luxury Romance Concierge™ offers a selection of intimate fantasy date night themes that are sure to create excitement, anticipation, and titillate the senses! Each theme is designed for couples to experience an exciting fantasy that ranges from subtle flirting to outright seduction and even vulnerable declarations of love. Couples can choose from; A Night of Romance, Blindfold Me, Kama Sutra Nights, Dominatrix 101, The Art of Seduction, or Erotic Game Night. Each sensual detail has been perfectly prepared to indulge, please, and stimulate the minds of both lovers.

Whether you choose to book an intimate luxury hotel room stay or order a DIY Deluxe Package to create a ‘love den’ at home, Luxury Romance Concierge™ makes sure all the elements are in place. All you have to do is show up!


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