Romance is primal. It is a deep biological craving that’s irresistible to your lover. This date night is all about making your spouse or partner the center of your attention.

As adults with responsibilities, we often forget that we need to have play time. Sometimes it takes something as simple as being playful to let go of stress and hang-ups and get you in the mood for intimacy!

Experience an ancient act of love making that allows you to be sensitive and open to adventure with your lover as you indulge in an erotic night of intimate play.

The sensory deprivation that is experienced when you eliminate your lover’s sense of sight, only heightens the perception of other senses, making every touch and every whisper all the more titillating.

It is every man’s fantasy to have his lover take charge in the bedroom! Fantasies of submission and surrender to a dominant offer a release and an escape from life’s stresses.

Seduction is all about paying attention to your lover’s needs and moving forward accordingly. If you want to seduce your lover, create a sensual atmosphere, and move slowly while getting physical.