If you’re a man who has a pure admiration of or sexual attraction to bare feet, you’re not alone. Celebrities such as Alex Rodriguez, Ludacris, Tommy Lee, Ricky Martin, David Boreanaz, Enrique Iglesias, Elvis Presley, Pharrell Williams, Quentin Tarantino, and Jack Black are all self-proclaimed Foot Fetishists.

A fetish is something that is powerful enough to achieve arousal and orgasm. Usually, men with this desire can become sexually aroused by the sight of any part of a woman’s foot, including, toes, arches, and soles. If you are like most men with a foot fetish, every detail about the foot can get you going. The majority of men find it very stimulating to worship his lover’s feet and can experience orgasm and overall sexual satisfaction by doing so.

This date is perfect for the man whose lover understands and supports his foot fetish and she enjoys having her feet worshiped. Whether it’s having her feet sensuously rubbed or massaged, her toes sucked, licked, and kissed, or maybe she is a Foot Hedonist who enjoys wearing fetishistic shoes or stockings. There really is no “normal” when it comes to physical intimacy. The only constants are diversity and variation, as long as there is mutual consent and satisfaction with your partner.

*Instructions are provided for this fantasy date night.
DELUXE Concierge Services

This date night package is perfectly designed for you to talk, touch, teach and explore. We transform your room into an intimate fantasy playground with a sensual and romantic room design and ambiance.

What you get:

  • a one-night stay at a luxury hotel (in-home services available upon request)
  • appetizers and decadent libations
  • Intimacy (In-to-me-see) Game Cards by Luxury Romance Concierge
  • adult toys and games from deluxe brands such as LELO, B-Swish, and Fifty Shades
  • organic aromatherapy and massage oils, heighteners and lube
  • a bespoke invitation, a special gift, spa bath
  • … and so much more!

Price: $2,500

Terms & Conditions
  • Date night concierge hotel services must be booked a minimum of 4 weeks in advance. (Contact us for our “Last Minute Larry” packages)
  • A minimum of a three hour time window is required in order to allow adequate time for room re-design.
  • All items from room design and date night package are owned by the client and client is responsible for clean up.
  • Client is responsible for arranging a key drop-off at front desk of hotel.
  • Additional fees will apply on major holidays.
  • Date Nights  are non-refundable.