Whatever Happened To Date Night?

Whether you’ve been married five weeks, five years, or even five decades, date nights are so important. In fact, they are a critical ritual you should regularly observe. A Redbook survey of readers found that 45 percent of couples “rarely” have date nights and a mere 18 percent said they manage to go out around once a month.


Taking time to reconnect intimately with your spouse or partner, physically and emotionally, conveys to each other the importance in strengthening your bond together.  Whether you choose to stay at home or check into a hotel, the most important thing is carving out the time to be just focused on each other. Read any advice column that offers information about how to keep the spark alive in your marriage and you’ll find date night near the top of the list. Yet, most couples will read it, note it and then disregard it.

Here are the top three excuses why couple don’t plan date nights;  (1)“Oh, yeah, date night… we keep meaning to do that”. (2) “I’m waiting for the other person to initiate it”.  (3) “We’re simply too busy to find the time.”

People live increasingly busy lives, and often the time and effort required to successfully nurture a relationship can fall by the wayside. There is no question that relationships are work. We focus on our fitness goals, career goals and family goals, but when it comes to our intimate relationships, oftentimes we tend to neglect them.

Date nights keep the spark alive and show your significant other that they are a priority. It gives you the opportunity to get dressed up and do something fun together: taking time out to make a new memory, trying something you’ve never tried, and expanding your horizons together.

These nights are not just for couples with young kids who need a quiet night away from home, or newlywed couples, or for couples who are struggling. Date nights are essential because couples in all stages of their relationships need quality one-on-one time to nourish and care for their marriage and investment in the well-being of your relationship. It’s  about connecting with each other as you take a much-needed break from the demands of everyday life. It’s the perfect time to focus on each other, to listen, to express affection, and to feel close.

Many relationships fail because couples don’t do enough things together and they grow apart instead of investing in the time to keep the spark alive.  Date nights show a willingness to make the other person and your relationship a priority by setting aside special time. When couples make the effort to spend time together and to continue developing their relationship, no matter what’s going on in their everyday life, they are more likely to grow closer, rather than apart. If you never go out on dates and reconnect with the person you love, the reasons you love them can slip through the cracks and be easily forgotten.

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