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Luxury Romance Concierge™ helps couples spice up their love lives with intimate fantasy date nights. We are an innovative and unique company that serves as a comprehensive “go to” resource for one-of-a-kind date nights that create even more romance, passion and bliss in relationships.  Let us help you plan the ultimate date night for unforgettable birthdays, engagements, wedding nights, anniversaries, milestones, special life moments, or just because!

We offer 3 intimate date night packages to choose from;


Romance Concierge Services:

This package is perfectly designed for you and your lover to play out your intimate date night fantasy.  Includes a one-night stay at a four-star hotel and everything needed to enhance the romance, intimacy and bliss in your relationship.


Romance Concierge Services

For the ultimate romantic, the one who wants to tease and titillate their lover and build anticipation for the date night to come. This date night includes a one night stay at a five-star hotel. It comes with all the essentials for your fantasy theme, along with a bespoke invitation, special gifts, spa bath… and so much more!

DIY Packages

Do It Yourself Romance Kits

This  do-it-yourself kit is perfectly designed for the couple who wants to create an intimate “love den” in the comfort of your own home.  The products in this package will provide you with not just one night of romance, but for many nights thereafter.

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On this day as husband and wife, walk into a room intimately designed just for you. Luxury Romance Concierge™ takes care of all the planning and all the details as we create an intimate atmosphere for you and your spouse to relax, engage and pamper each other for the evening.  Your night should be more about appreciating each other and relishing the whole experience by creating a memory you will both cherish for the rest of your lives.

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Luxury Romance Concierge™ handles everything from concept to completion. All you have to do is show up!