Enhancing Relationships One Couple at a Time


Luxury Romance Concierge™ helps couples spice up their love lives with intimate fantasy date nights. We are an innovative and unique company that serves as a comprehensive “go to” resource for one-of-a-kind date nights that create even more romance, passion and bliss in relationships.  Let us help you plan the ultimate date night for unforgettable birthdays, engagements, wedding nights, anniversaries, milestones, special life moments, or just because!

Our date nights are designed around three important things a relationship must be built upon in order to create romance and intimacy.


The date night begins with emotional foreplay through the use of Intimacy Cards. The card game allows couples the opportunity to share words of appreciation, gratitude and respect. When complimentary, encouraging,  and edifying words are shared between couples this helps to create emotional security within any relationship.


Our date nights are designed for couples to give their undivided attention to each other during the course of the evening.  This type of dedicated attention will naturally lead to quality conversation which allows couples to share their thoughts, feelings, and desires. When couples provide each other with the proper amount of quality time, it will make them feel loved, important and valued.


Affection means that you will reveal your feelings of love and affection.  Our date nights allow couples the time to become more intentionally physical by practicing the language of physical touch. Physical touch includes gentle touches, hugs, cuddling, hand-holding, and massages. When this is present in the relationship, it provides a sense of security, comfort, and approval.  When couples are intentionally affectionate, this helps to create and sustain romantic love.

ABOUT THEREZ FLEETWOOD, Romance Consultant and Concierge

Thérèz Fleetwood, founder of Luxury Romance Concierge™ has been catering to brides and grooms around the world designing couture wedding attire and planning wedding events for the past 25 years.  As the CEO of Therez Fleetwood Bridal It is her experience working with couples that has provided her a platform of conversation and discovery about intimacy, love, and romance.  She is the author of the ground-breaking book, Men and Intimacy, Real Talk. Real Answers and the creator of her highly sought after (in-to-me-see) Intimacy Game Cards.  Thérèz has been a guest on several major talk shows including the Today Show, Good Day New York, the Dallas Morning News,  and a nationally syndicated television commercial for American Express entitled “Portraits”. She has also worked as a life coach in the field of self-expression and leadership and is the former owner of Thérèz’s Playhouse, which provided couples with ways to rekindle the romance, intimacy, and bliss in their relationships.

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Wedding Night Concierge Package

*Includes one-night stay at a 4-star hotel

On this day as husband and wife, walk into a room intimately designed just for you.  It is the perfect way to begin your journey of building true intimacy and a deeper connection with each other. Your wedding night will be a special experience whether it is your first time together or if you’ve been intimate prior to marriage.  It will be the first time you’re intimate as husband and wife and that is a special experience for any couple.

wedding night 1

R. Balwa

“My husband and I had been talking about planning a romantic evening for months but with our busy schedules, we never found the time.  My initial phone call with Therez was very pleasant and she was flexible enough to cater to our needs. It was the perfect date night for us to slow down and reconnect.  I am looking forward to booking our second fantasy night package, this time with additional services. Thank you Luxury Romance Concierge for this wonderful service you provide!” 

R. Balwa
Marlene G.

“Therez and her team were amazing! From the moment we opened our hotel room door, the ambiance took my breath away!  My husband and I were extremely pleased with the way everything turned out. Our spa bath was amazing and the room design perfectly executed”. 

Marlene G.
A. Lee Wynn

“Thank you Therez for the wonderful experience you provided me and my significant other through Luxury Romance Concierge, we are looking to our next fantasy night provided by you!  Thanks Tremendously!” 

A. Lee Wynn
Philip Marrero

“Therez coordinated our wedding back in 2010.  She was so precise and easy to work with… our day was superb!  My wife and I are looking forward to using this romance concierge service for our anniversary in May”. 

Philip Marrero