The Premier Romance Concierge Company for Couples Seeking to Enhance the Love, Intimacy and Bliss in Their Relationships

“We don’t just provide a service, we provide an experience!”

Who We Are

Luxury Romance Concierge™ has changed the way couples look at date night by taking romance beyond the typical champagne, roses, and chocolate. We specialize in creating unforgettable experiences that allow couples the chance to slow down, reconnect and really tune into each other in intimate and loving ways.

What We Do

We create date nights specifically designed for exploration, communication, intimacy and adventure, taking care of all of the details for you and make sure your romantic needs are met. We eliminate your stress by making sure the essential elements are in place from the moment your evening begins.  All you have to do is show up and enjoy your evening,

Why Hire Us

Planning a romantic date night takes effort and time. You can have the perfect intimate evening planned in your head, but if it isn’t executed precisely, it won’t matter.  Luxury Romance Concierge™ goes above and beyond your expectations to assure that you have an unforgettable  night of intimate fun and play. *All date nights are completely confidential.

Meet the Romance Concierge 

Thérèz Fleetwood, founder of Luxury Romance Concierge™ has been catering to brides and grooms around the world designing couture wedding attire and planning wedding events for the past 25 years. It is her experience working with couples that has provided her a platform of conversation and discovery about intimacy, love, and romance.  She is the author of the ground-breaking book, Men and Intimacy, Real Talk. Real Answers and the creator of her highly sought after (in-to-me-see) Intimacy Game Cards.  Thérèz has been a guest on several talk shows including the Today Show, Good Day New York, the Dallas Morning News,  and a nationally syndicated television commercial for American Express entitled “Portraits”. She has also worked as a life coach in the field of self-expression and leadership and is the former owner of Thérèz’s Playhouse, which provided couples with ways to rekindle the romance, intimacy, and bliss in their relationships.