Women and Fantasies

Fantasies, whether consumed through erotica, or in the form of dirty talk and role play, tend to be thought of as more important for ‘kinky’ people than for ‘vanilla’ people; yet sex and relationship experts agree that role playing fantasies are important for everyone.


Acting out fantasies amplify arousal and enhance orgasm. The brain is the biggest sex organ and men and women have the power to virtually think their way to orgasm. Unfortunately, couples don’t always develop their sexual imaginations together, so finding ways to stimulate fantasy together is essential and what Luxury Romance Concierge does best!

Luxury Romance Concierge allows you to play out different scenarios, safely experimenting with different sexual experiences and creating ideal encounters. Many people, women especially, find that fantasizing during sex helps them enhance mental, and therefore physical, stimulation needed to reach orgasm. Imagination and the ability to play are essential to great sex! A sexy thought can lead to a physically aroused state and enhance an experience with a partner. So, fantasy is not only important for exploring sexuality, it actually helps people achieve sexual satisfaction.

While many think of sex as a predominantly physical activity, the key to good sex isn’t just mastery of physical moves but also understanding the emotional and intellectual elements that make your partner tick. For some couples, sex becomes part of their routine (even if it’s still an enjoyable part of the routine) and yet it can become easy to look back on single days as so much more exciting in terms of novel sexual experiences. However, through fantasy, you are truly able to re-create that sense by creating a fantasy wherein you’re able to experience all those things you may be missing.