Romance Concierge Services for Men

Romancing your lover can make her the most grateful woman on earth! Do this, and enjoy the rewards that follow. Luxury Romance Concierge is designed to assist men in trying new acts of intimacy, whether it’s adding variety to foreplay, role playing or even new positions. We offer twelve fantasy date nights  all designed in the guise of fun and play.

Perhaps your lover suggested something she always wanted to try and on your date night you are going to make that happen!  She will be more than grateful that you loved her enough to fulfill her desire.  Or, if you prefer, do something intimate with her that perhaps you’ve done before on a rare occasion that you know she’s really into.

Seducing one another can create to a heightened bonding between couples. We understand how important the sensory organs – sight, smell, sound, taste and touch are and the vital role they play in dramatically increasing arousal, that’s why we designed  each date to fully embrace and enhance all five senses.  Engaging all of the sense organs during lovemaking provides a great deal of pleasure  and the benefits can last for days afterwards.