(In-to-me-see) Intimacy Cards

Take a minute to reflect on the love that brought you and your partner together and begin your date night sharing your love with intimate conversation. These Intimacy Cards offer you the opportunity to exchange open and intimate dialogue as you playfully discover or re-discover what you love about each other.  With each question, you are sharing your thoughts on intimacy as you discuss your wants, needs, and desires.  This way of communicating is guaranteed to deepen your relationship and give you a better understanding of what your partner wants.



Shuffle to cards and place them face down. Pick a card at random and read it out loud to your lover. Once you finish answering the question presented on the card, your lover rewards you with a kiss.

4×6″ cards


By Luxury Romance Concierge

Additional Information

When couples make it a priority to put love first and they commit to the process,  their relationship will thrive!  No matter how small or insignificant you think sharing your thoughts and feelings may sound, just imagine being on the receiving end of some positive feedback.

This game is all about authentic sharing and communication.  Couples find when they share in this way, confusion and insecurities will begin to fade. These intimacy cards allow couples to open up and show your appreciation, talk openly about your feelings, and share the reasons your relationship is so important to you, things you appreciate about each other and new things you want to experience. They also allow you to discover how you communicate with your partner, and how you actively listen and respond to each other’s comments.

“My husband and I have been working on strengthening our intimacy for a couple of months now, we have been together for almost 19 years, and some things get mundane. Same ole Same ole. We need to liven up our adult time, that is for sure. Playing this game was fun, and wow we got real with each other, learned a few new things too! We both liked that it also mentioned LOVE LANGUAGE because we have been reading the 5 Love Languages! My husband’s love language is WORDS OF AFFIRMATION and mine is QUALITY TIME/GIFTS. We had a whole DATE NIGHT planned with dinner, dancing, a little drinking (a glass wine each) then the Intimacy Card game. We had a blast! We opened up to each other and just had fun. It opened up dialogue for us to discuss personal things that we wouldn’t normally talk about, that is for sure. After the game, we both felt great about the conversations we were having and wrote some ideas done so that we wouldn’t forget! We highly recommend this to all the LOVERS! Tell your LOVER what “emotional” intimacy means to you…was our favorite question”. – Kelly R.


“I love my cards….finally slowed down long enough to use them. These intimacy cards helped revive my love life! I wished I’d used them much earlier than I did. Thanking you for your vision of bringing life back to dying love and helping to reconnect brokenness!” – C. Smith