“I operate under one simple rule; always give people more than what they expect to get!”

As a romance concierge,  my goal is to help enhance the excitement and passion by providing couples different ways of trying something new. I set the stage for exploration, communication, intimacy and adventure by offering couples intimate date nights that are sentimental, fun, adventurous, playful, and kinky.  Couples can recharge their love life with role play, new toys, a new environment and much more!  The process is simple… the outcome is extraordinary!

*All date nights are customized per client. Basic package prices start at $1,500. Deluxe package prices start at $2,500. Date Nights include a one-night stay at a luxury hotel or intimate in-home design.  Contact us for more information. Email: info@luxuryromanceconcierge.com / Phone: (972)861-2995

Other Services offered by Luxury Romance Concierge;
In-Home Intimate Decorating / In-Home Luxury Product and Toy Presentations / Do-It-Yourself Packages
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Date Nights

Date nights are meant to create romance and passion between you and your spouse or partner. Add novelty to your routine by trying something different as you get away from the daily grind and reconnect as lovers in an intimate and meaningful way. We help you plan the perfect fantasy intimate date night that allows you to indulge in your sexiest foreplay as you offer your lover a different taste of pleasure.

Wedding Nights

Your wedding night will be a special experience whether it is your first time together or if you’ve been intimate prior to marriage.  It will be the first time you’re intimate as husband and wife and that is a special experience for any couple.  Your wedding night does not need to have the same familiar intimacy that you have become accustomed to in your relationship.  Take pleasure in discovering or rediscovering one another in new and loving ways.


Whether you’ve been married one year, five years, or over ten years, there is always something innovative to try with your spouse. Have the two of you discovered each other’s sexiest spots, favorite positions, and erogenous zones? Are there still new areas to explore?  Even if you both are absolutely delighted with your sex life, it is always refreshing to try something completely different.


Concierge, Therez Fleetwood takes the concept of romance beyond the flowers and candy and provides a playful way for you to surprise your lover on their birthday. Celebrate this night with a fantasy date created just for the two of you as she sets the stage for romance with an evening designed for exploration, communication, intimacy and adventure!


She said “Yes!”… now it’s time to celebrate! And what better way to prepare for this night than with the help of a romance concierge. Therez Fleetwood eliminates the stress of making sure all of the details are covered for your intimate evening and all essential elements are in place from the moment your evening begins. She handles all the details for you to bring your fantasy date to life. All you have to do is show up and enjoy your evening!

Special Life Moments & Milestones

This evening, your spouse or partner is the center of your world.   It is the ultimate date night where you show you lover how special they are to you. Pamper them with a night perfectly designed for the two of you to connect and tune into each other in intimate and loving ways.  Let the evening be a surprise by not allowing them to know specifically what can be expected until the much-anticipated day arrives.